The Heat is off

Things at cast in style have been pretty hot this week as we’re sure is the same for most people in the U.K. Is it global warming that’s responsible? and if so it begs us all to do our bit for the environment in any way we can. If we’re not already contributing to our wonderful planet and taking care of it, then maybe the heat will allow us to reflect a little on how much we rely on the balance being maintained. How are we helping? Here at cast in style we use wood from sustainable sources in our clothes airers, research ways to help the environment and pass on a traditional hard to find product, which means people are encouraged little by little to become a bit more environmentally friendly. For every airer we sell someone is able to use natural heat to dry a whole load of washing overnight. We love our planet and wish you all a day in which you may keep clean and cool

kitchen maid clothes airer
Cast in Style Kitchen Maid clothes airer