A Celebration of Cast Iron

Tractor Seat Stool
Tractor Seat Stool – G604

Take a look around the Cast in Style store and you’ll see a wide range of different products made from various materials. Whilst we produce and sell all kinds of items, the Cast in Style team are ironmongers at heart, and we pride ourselves on producing the very best in quality cast iron goods for the home and garden.

By now you may be asking yourself “What’s so special about cast iron anyway?” Read more “A Celebration of Cast Iron”

Carrie’s Beautiful New Post Box

Boston Post Box
Boston Bespoke Post Box – D2313

Many thanks to Carrie (our Customer) for sending in a fabulous photo of her lovely Boston Post box we custom made for her. She has cleverly fitted it into her new gate pillar and we think it looks stunning.

We would love to see what everybody else has done with products you have bought from us. If you have any photos we will post them on our Customer Galley blog and Facebook, for everybody to see for inspiration. You can email them directly to us at support@castinstyle.co.uk or post them straight to our Facebook Page


Chest of Drawers Period Makover

Period Drawers Makeover
Period Makover for Chest of Drawers

Out with the New and in with the Old!

Period styles can really give some character to any home but they are not always affordable or easy to find. We decided to take a modern piece of furniture and simply give it a quick make over by adding some Kirkpatrick drawer pulls to it. We used a 15 year old  set of MFI drawers which are still in good working order. Now MFI have succumbed to the recession but there is plenty of their furniture about. I’m not saying it was the greatest quality of furniture but if it’s still looking OK what’s the harm in adding a few feature to it.  We already have existing Kirkpatrick Daisy Rope handles on our wardrobes so we added them to the drawers to complete the look. They just simple screw onto the draw front covering any holes from the original pull knobs. Read more “Chest of Drawers Period Makover”

Start of the British Spring

Spring at Cast in Style House
Spring at Cast in Style House
Spring – The Cast in Style House – More to come…

Well I hope everyone has had a good week. There have been lots to be happy about this week, the weather has taken a turn for the better, spring seems to have more or less arrived at last, admittedly the sun loungers are still in the garage but it is lovely to see the sun again. Just as I wrote that line it started to hail, hmmm. From a financial view point yesterday the UK avoided a triple-dip recession, this may be slightly reassuring but more importantly how does that translate into what we do everyday and can our spending influence this.

A few weeks ago I watched a news report looking at a family who were trying to live for a year by purchasing only British made goods, if we all just became more aware of the origins of what we are purchasing could that help lift the UK out of the financial doldrums?

Sounds a great idea but how realistic is that, do people care where goods are manufactured/designed or grown, also can people afford to make this decision?

Our preference, here at Cast in Style, is to try and source goods from their original source with a preference to UK goods, for instance if we sold champagne we would still source it from France but also from the UK, however, unfortunately for me champagne is a line we do not stock – note to self sounds like a great idea and will pitch it to the boss.

So if people decide to make a concerted effort to try and buy more British made goods how can they buy confidently, safe in the knowledge that they are buying genuine UK products?

At Cast in Style we have a flag system on our web site which easily identifies if a product is made in the UK. This system has been in place for a number of years and has proved very successful. Not everything on the web site is sourced from the UK,  some of the foundries we used to use have closed down, but where possible we source British made goods. If a product is British made we display a union jack icon on the product page to inform customers of the origins of the product.

British Made
British Made

I think a healthy attitude to all this is not necessarily to go to the complete extreme of buying only British products but to remember we have some fantastic heritage UK products available to us, from the free range pork sausages sourced from pigs in the local farms to high quality hardware produced in the Black Country. Let’s not forget our roots and remember that there are many high quality goods made/grown here on our door step.


St George’s Day at Cast in Style

Peter - St George
Peter – St George

Happy St George’s Day to everyone. Here at Cast in Style we are proudly celebrating our saints day, in fact Pete from the warehouse has taken it a step further, he is featured in the photo wearing this seasons on trend armour. Also it is a double day to be proud of our heritage as it is also the Bard’s birthday, Happy Birthday Shakespeare. Also must not forget a mention to two of my close friends Si and Allison – Happy Wedding Anniversary.

We love the tradition of St George’s day as we are a big ambassador of British Made products with our range of Kirkpatrick and Croft Door Furniture.

So what should we be doing on St George’s Day, well here in Wolverhampton the sun is shining and I am wishing like many of the population that today was classed as a Bank Holiday. Our neighbours across the Irish Sea certainly know how to celebrate their saint’s day; maybe we should take some pointers from them. I am wishing I was sitting in a beer garden with a nice pint of beer in my hand. Apparently 75% of the population wish it was a Bank Holiday, I was wondering about the 25% who did not. I wonder why they did not wish to have an extra days holiday in the year. I see Bank holidays as a day to spend with friends and family, however, in the past I have also chosen to work to take advantage of any special hourly rate my employer may have offered, so it has always been a day you can use to your own advantage, either a day off or a chance to get earn some extra money. What does everyone else think?

Well instead of a beer I will go back to my sandwich and cup of tea and finish placing an order with a blacksmith in Scotland who is making hand finished articles ranging from wine racks to candles, maybe I will ask him what he does to celebrate St Andrew’s day – my guess it will involve a wee dram of something alcoholic.


First Contact

AnnieHello Bloggers,

Welcome to my first blog.  For the more observant readers you will have noticed that there are previous postings to this, however, they fizzled out quickly so I am here to revive Cast in Style’s blog and to get readers excited and enthusiastic about everything cast iron and a few bits more.

But first, what about me the blogger.  Well I have not always been into cast iron; I took a diverse path before arriving at Cast in Style.

I left school determined to be a chemist and spent many fun and beer filled years at university and left six years later with a PhD in Chemistry and a beer belly (not particularly attractive on a girl). I then found myself working in the big corporate world of Pharmaceuticals.

The husband mean while was busy talking about this whole new world about to open up, it was called the World Wide Web and he was sure it would catch on.  His initial step into this new alien world was to design a web site for our brother in law who had an iron foundry.

Fast forward 10 years and I had lost my passion for the Pharmaceutical world and was looking for a new challenge. I was 37 years old and wanted a new career, my life had gone from being very safe to scary and exciting all at the same time. Then the opportunity came up for me and the hubby to work together as the owners of  Cast In Style, that little old web site he set up 13 years previously and was part owner, well we had a think – it is very different living together with someone but working together – could we do it. As we were deciding we thought how great it would be for us to have a common passion of work, there were many things we were passionate about together, these were mainly hobbies such as diving and travelling but could we get it to work for “work”.

Well I am glad to report that that was four years ago and yes we are still happily married but also that one of our great passions has become Cast in Style and the lifestyle it represents. It represents old industries with many items hand made and not mass produced which gives each item its own unique character and guaranteed high quality.

So on this blog we are going to mix the old with the new, technology is very important in our progress into the next decade, however, that does not mean we have to leave all of the old world behind. Mix it up, that impressive brand new barn conversion where you can switch the lights of using your computer is no good if you have not got sturdy lever door handles to open the front door in the first place.

More than anything, I can’t wait to get started on our adventure together and I hope that we can all share our passion to makes our homes a happy and beautiful place to be. Let’s get passionate about ceiling clothes airers and architectural hardware and if someone asks “why” just reply “Let me show you why”?