“What ironmongery can I use outside which will not go rusty?”

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After a bit of a break in Portugal with friends it is back to work and an up date on the blog.

After a very pleasant week sunning myself in Portugal it was down to earth with a bump, literally, as I flew into Birmingham airport, and back to the British weather.

What I was greeted with was a cold, grey, wet reception, in fact enough to cause some localised flooding here in the Midlands, certainly no more barbecues and port al fresco for the time being.

But apart from limiting our outside socialising, what effect does our British climate have on our ironmongery which adorns the exterior of our houses? Read more ““What ironmongery can I use outside which will not go rusty?””

Get Dad Something Different This Father’s Day

Easter was months ago and Christmas is still half a year away. Father’s day is here; it’s a time when we celebrate the dads who do good, and reward them for doing what they do best. Whilst we should be appreciative of them all the time anyway, it’s nice to occasionally show them how much we care in the form of a gift. Read more “Get Dad Something Different This Father’s Day”