Six lath Kitchen Maid Pulley Clothes Airer
Six lath Kitchen Maid Pulley Clothes Airer

All of us at Cast in Style are passionate about all of our products, but if we had to pick a favourite, yes it would be like having to choose your favourite child and memories of Sophies Choice come to mind, but if you really had to it would unanimously have to be our clothes airer range, the famous Kitchen Maid. Read more “GREEN CLEANING – TOP TEN TIPS”

How to make the best pulled pork in the world


Pulley pork
The best pulled pork

This is just the best thing you can make if you are having a BBQ at the weekend. It needs planning the day before but is really easy to make.

Our pulled pork recipe is probably the best you can make. The pork will be soft and just pull apart so delicately, and the sweet, spicy, sticky sauce will make your mouth water. It was inspired by a fantastic butcher we know in Shropshire, whom took some encouraging to reveal his secret, but here it is… Read more “How to make the best pulled pork in the world”


Scottish Blacksmith Jonathan Eadie
Scottish Blacksmith Jonathan Eadie

Today in the office everyone is very excited and also apprehensive, the Cast in Style Crew, like the rest of the country, have been swept up by Murray fever. Could this be the year that a Brit can win Wimbledon, the first since Fred Perry 77 years ago – lets hope so.  We are all hoping for a three set win, not sure if my nerves can stand another five set thriller like the one we had on Wednesday. Murray winning would be a perfect end to a Scottish flavoured week here at Cast in Style.  No, we have not been drinking whisky in the office; instead we have launched our brand new Hand Forged Range of Blacksmith products made in Ayrshire Scotland.

Scottish Blacksmith Candle Centre peice
Scottish Blacksmith Jonathan Eadie’s Candle Center peice

These award winning products are made in a traditional blacksmiths forge, the designs are incredible, the mix of using old fashioned methods to produce contemporary designs make these products both desirable and unique. We have listened to you, our customer, you asked for more high quality items made here in the UK and this is the result. We are very proud to associate Cast in Style with the work of the Belltrees Forge.



Scottish Blacksmith Jonathan Eadie
Scottish Blacksmith Jonathan Eadie

Jonathan Eadie is the brains behind the designs, he has cleverly combined his creative designs with his skill of blacksmithing to produce these outstanding products.

But do not just take our word for it, the flames wine rack has won the award for “Best Scottish Gift”, as well as being given a highly commended for Gift of the Year.

The Hand Forged Range makes an excellent choice to give as gifts, what makes them so special is that each piece is unique.

Have a look and let us know your thoughts, and if you cannot find quite what you are looking for then it is not a problem as commission and design work is always welcome.

So you can see there is lots to celebrate with a Scottish theme, let us hope we are still smiling come Sunday tea time, and on that note there is only one more thing to say – GO MURRAY.

Cast in Style Supply to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Cast in style supply to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Bell Pull at Willy Wonkas Door

WOW, we’re really proud to have supplied one of our beautiful Bell Pulls to the stage production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just opened in the West End London. It’s being used on the main front door of the Chocolate Factory. You can see it in the picture in the top left corner next to Willy Wonka Himself!!