Chest of Drawers Period Makover

Period Drawers Makeover
Period Makover for Chest of Drawers

Out with the New and in with the Old!

Period styles can really give some character to any home but they are not always affordable or easy to find. We decided to take a modern piece of furniture and simply give it a quick make over by adding some Kirkpatrick drawer pulls to it. We used a 15 year old  set of MFI drawers which are still in good working order. Now MFI have succumbed to the recession but there is plenty of their furniture about. I’m not saying it was the greatest quality of furniture but if it’s still looking OK what’s the harm in adding a few feature to it.  We already have existing Kirkpatrick Daisy Rope handles on our wardrobes so we added them to the drawers to complete the look. They just simple screw onto the draw front covering any holes from the original pull knobs.

The Original Drawers
The Original Drawers


Drilling pilot holes
Drilling Pilot holes

As a tip, when fitting any front screw on pulls I suggest you drill pilot holes first as screwing the screws straight into the wooden draw front could cause them to split. Line up the drawer handle and drill the pilot holes where the screw holes are positioned. Take care not to drill all the way through. The pilot drill should be about half the thickness of the width of the screw your are going to use. A good test it to place the drill bit over the top of the screw and make sure the “thread” of the screw still shows on either side.

Semi fitted screws
Partly screw the screw in to start with

It is best to put all the screws into the pilot holes and screw them in about 2/3 of the way home first, and then tighten them all up. This way you will always guarantee the screws will line up with their holes correctly and not become misaligned.

Finished Bedside drawers
Finished Bedside drawers









Simple and quick to do, and to prove it take a look at the time on the clock on the bedside table, from start to finish only 10 minutes has gone by, and that included taking photos for this blog. Enjoy

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