What does your home look like? Styles and trends in UK Homes

Cast in Style recently conducted an in-depth questionnaire, which hundreds of our fantastic customers took part in. We were able to gather some amazing results (more details of which can be found here), including insightful information about our customers current home styles and trends.

We’re proud to cater to all types of trends, and we have the perfect products for all kinds of styles.

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Cast in Style Questionnaire Results

The Results Are In!

Let us begin by saying thank you. An astounding number of you took part in our Cast in Style Customer Questionnaire, which ran from April to July earlier this year.

The results collected allowed us to gather together a wealth of information on what you think of Cast in Style, our product range and our competitors in the online retail industry.

The data we discovered was enlightening, and will be used to help fuel many of our future ideas. It has also given us some great suggestions for how we can make your experience with Cast in Style even more enjoyable.

We appreciate your help, and we wanted to share with your some of the things you have taught us. Read more “Cast in Style Questionnaire Results”