Top Five Christmas Gift Ideas From Cast In Style

If you’re searching for interesting and unusual gifts this year – perhaps you have an über-practical person who needs a present they can use and not just look at; or maybe you have someone who isn’t up to speed on the electronic offerings out there. If that’s the case, Cast in Style’s Christmas offers are just what you need!

They’re eminently practical, useful, and beautiful; and they’ll last a lot longer than your average iPhone.  If you need a head start, here’s a Christmas list to work off:

Cast Iron SkilletCast iron skillet

Know someone who loves cooking? This is the perfect present for them. Heavy-bottomed frying pans are the home chef’s ideal, and they’re really hard to find elsewhere at a reasonable price. These cast iron skillets are perfect for frying, and the heavy bottom enables heat to be evenly distributed, so burnt bits become a thing of the past, no matter how small the amount of oil.

As long as they’re seasoned properly, the bottoms won’t scratch easily at all, so they’re better than anything ‘non-stick’ and can be used with any type of implement, metal, wooden or plastic. They’re available in different sizes, so it doesn’t have to be so heavy that your loved one can’t pick it up, and they last a lifetime – no loose handles here!

Chrome Six Lath Victorian Kitchen Maid® Pulley Clothes AirerChrome Victorian Kitchen Maid

The epitome of a traditional home accessory, this clothes airer is a space-saving invention which still works well today. It’s a Victorian-styled design with a contemporary chrome twist, and rather than the more modern styles, the wooden laths are placed further apart, enabling thicker items to be placed over them. The heat generated in the room rises to the ceiling, and dries the clothes quickly, so it’s better for the environment than a tumble-dryer, and way more stylish than laying clothes over radiators throughout the house. As mentioned, the metal parts are made from sleek chrome and brass, so it will look lovely and new for a long time to come.

Westie Door StopWestie Door Stop

There are any number of lovely doggie door stops available from Cast in Style, but this is the one which is sure to catch everyone’s eye! Weighing 4.4kg, and enamelled in white, its life-size, cast iron countenance is a door stop that every dog lover’s home should have. These are also available in a black finish, for the more traditional-styled home.

Recycled Kadai Fire BowlKadai Fire Bowl

For a barbecue with a difference, or just a super design for a portable, garden fire, the recycled Kadai fire bowl is a great present for someone who likes to spend time in the garden even when the sun goes down. Made from recycled oil drums which have been carefully riveted together, it is strong and durable, made to last for as long as possible.

The bowl comes with short or long legs, so if it’s more likely to be used as a barbecue, the better choice will be long ones, so the chef doesn’t have to bend down so far. Otherwise, the short legs will be ideal, and friends and family can sit around the fire to keep warm. The great thing about these fire bowls is that you don’t end up with scorch marks on the grass, and when used as a barbecue, the size means that any party will be able to live it large! There’s a clever gauze filter in the bottom which separates the ash from any collected rain water, so this fire bowl is not only useful, but it’s a maintenance-free invention too.

White Sheep Book EndsSheep Bookends

If your special someone loves books, but you don’t know what they’ve read and you’re not keen on book tokens, then these cute and lifelike sheep book ends will make a great present. They’re cast iron with a white finish, and because they weigh 1.8kg, they can hold back the tide of large books as easily as small ones. They also come in a black finish, and there is also a door stop version available.

Beetle Boot PullBeetle Boot Pull

For the friend or relative who loves the great outdoors, this is a lovely present with a lot of class. This cast iron beetle boot pull will help remove the most tightly fitting outdoor boots with ease. It reduces the mess involved with pulling off muddy boots, and because of its clever shape, will help take off any size boot, whether child-sized or dad-sized. Available in cast iron with a black finish, there’s no décor it won’t go with. We love it.

This is simply a small selection of what’s available, Cast in Style has a lot of lovely gifts for you and your family this Christmas. Why not visit our store today and find that perfect something. Order by December 19th to guarantee Christmas delivery.

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