What does your home look like? Styles and trends in UK Homes

Cast in Style recently conducted an in-depth questionnaire, which hundreds of our fantastic customers took part in. We were able to gather some amazing results (more details of which can be found here), including insightful information about our customers current home styles and trends.

We’re proud to cater to all types of trends, and we have the perfect products for all kinds of styles.

Spanning All Styles

A lot of people also noted how they couldn’t be defined by just one style, as they mixed and matched styles around their homes as they please.

Our product catalogue features an extensively diverse mix of product styles, from the incredibly old school, like the cast iron boot scraper, the much more modern, such as the slate and ceramic condiment pots.

Contemporary and Period

When asked the current style of their home décor, many customers answered that they favoured a fusion of contemporary and period styles.

We obviously specialise in period style home and garden-ware, but a lot of our products are also available with more modern finishes. We’ve got the perfect range to help you decorate your home.

Whether you’re looking for a chrome towel rack or a pewter door knocker, everything you need to complete your home’s style can be found in the Cast in Style store.

Victorian Era

If your home décor is centred around the classically timeless Victorian style (like a large number of our customers); with plump, fanciful cushions and intricate ornaments; then we have the prefect selection of products for you.

Our traditional style KitchenMaid™ clothes airers were incredibly popular during the Victorian era. The eco-friendly, space-saving alternative to a tumble dryer, is seeing a huge resurgence lately as people become more energy-conscious.


The airers are available in a wide range of different sizes, featuring anything from three to seven laths. They would fantastic hanging from any ceiling, and when hung above a traditional range cooker they perfectly complete the room’s period style.

Art Deco

This early 20th century style has seen a recent resurgence in popularity since the release of The Great Gatsby in cinemas earlier this year. For all those looking to match Gatsby’s luxurious sense of sophistication, we’ve got a fantastic selection of Art Deco style home accessories in a variety of styles, including brass, nickel and bronze.

Shabby Chic

Those who prefer their mismatched styles will love our fantastic ornamental products. From doggy door stoppers to beautiful birdbaths; the Cast in Style store features a wonderful range of products available in a selection of different finishes, so you’re sure to find something to fit all tastes.Door stop

For a look at our full range of products why not head on over to the Cast in Style store? And be sure to let us know your preferred house style, and what you think of our product range over on our Facebook page.

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