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Cast Iron Skillet > Customer Reviews
Average Rating 5

Henk Bielderman, Stevenage

Without a doubt the best frying pan I have EVER bought! I have a large skillet and a small one and use them all the time, for whatever I may need to cook. With the proper care these two pans will last for my lifetime and beyond! I would recommend that any serious cook buys them! They are really great!

Sandra Wadhams, South Shropshire

Had such a hard time finding a small pan for my induction hob, should have known to visit here first and saved a lot of trouble! Excellent, just right as was the Chapati pan I bought from you.

Anonymous, wales

the best thing i've ever bought for cooking

Irene Evans, North Wales

Fabulous pan, beautifully finished. I'm delighted with this, especially at such a low price. At last I've got a frying pan that I can use at high temperatures on my induction hob without getting an error message. I bought the 10" pan, which is ideal for every day use.

Anonymous, Wirral, Merseyside

Highly recommended. Great product. This is the best frying pan I've ever owned and I don't expect to ever need to replace it. I bought a 10 inch Skillet last year from Cast in Style. I seasoned it by coating with lard and baked it in the oven. It has been in use now for about 6 months and is perfectly sealed and completely non stick. Great for use dry to burn off curry spices and with oil for frying. After each use I allow it to cool then clean under a running hot water tap with a nylon dish brush (No washing up liquid) I then dry it off using the hob. I immediately melt lard in it wipe over with a piece of kitchen roll, Allow to cool and store away. I am so pleased with this skillet that I will be buying more in other sizes. Now it is fully seasoned it looks great too when left out 'on display'. Highly recommended. Great product.


great product

Anonymous, Luton

Amazing product. Excellent heat retention saving gas bill. Much better/healthier than non stick, a bit heavy though. Need some care as well as cannot put it in water, which was clearly mentioned. In a nutshell excellent nice product.

Graham Carncross, Oman

These were sent out to me very quickly and have turned out to be the best skillets have cooked with excellent for fat free cooking

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