Door and latches reference guide

backset of a lock
The backset of a door latch or lock is shown on the left. It is the distance from the edge of the door frame to the centre of the mortice hole.
door hands
Many of our door handles are available to left or right handed versions. Please refer to the diagram left to determine which you need. Another easy way to work our which hand door levers you require is simply go to use the lever door handle on your door. If you are using your left hand then you need left handed levers and if you are using your right you need right handed levers. Some of our door furniture is reversible which means it will work with either hand. This will be stated in the product description.
door names
Useful reference for the construction names of a door
door construction
Diagram showing the construction of a classic cottage door
door help
Quick reference guide to names of part of the door

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