Caring for Brass, Bronze and Applied Finishes

Care of Applied Finishes and Croft Products
Lacquered Brass Care
Lacquered Brass and Bronze (PB,PG)
Regular cleaning with warm soapy water will help maintain the general appearance and an occasional application of a good wax polish will help to protect the finish. The life of the lacquer can be affected by many environmental or atmospheric conditions, including sea air and industrial pollution. If the lacquer does start to break down we recommend that it is removed with paint stripper and the article is kept clean in the traditional way using a metal polish (eg. Autosol or Brasso).
Lacquered Brass Care
Unlacquered Brass and Bronze (PBUL, PGUL)
Although originally polished, if left untouched the finish will naturally become dull and darken over a length of time. To retain the polished finish regular cleaning with a proprietary brand of metal polish (eg. Autosol or Brasso) will be required.
Care of Chrome Plate
Plated Finishes (CP, SCP, PN, SNP, PRL)
Regular cleaning with warm soapy water will help to maintain the appearance, but if required a proprietary brand of chrome polish can be used (eg. Autosol)
Care of applied finishes
Living Finishes (AB, AGD, DAB, RBMA, TB)
Normal wear and handling will allow the raised areas to reveal the metal below helping to create an aged effect. An occasional application of a good beeswax polish can be applied if required.
Care of applied finishes
Other Finishes (SB, MB, DBMA, IBMA, AN, ORB, DAN, DORB, SBUL)
Regular cleaning with warm soapy water and an application of a good wax polish gently applied, will help to protect the finish.
Corrosion of brass
Atmospheric Conditions
Sea air and environmental conditions can cause a finish to deteriorate prematurely. Conditions will affect external fittings, and window fittings as they are likely to be exposed to corrosive or damaging elements for periods of time. In these situations regular cleaning will be needed and we recommend the following finishes to be the most suitable;
•Polished Brass, Unlacquered (PBUL)
•Chrome Plate (CP)
•Polished Gunmetal, Unlacquered (PGUL)
•Polished Nickel (PN)
•Real Bronze (RBMA)

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