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Becoming an affiliate with us couldn't be simpler. Just click here and follow the instruction from our affiliate scheme to join our program. We pay 6% commission with upto 8% commissions for well performing affiliates. We will track click throughs for 90 days.
What is an Affiliate scheme?
If you own or run a web site, an affiliate scheme is a way for you to to make free money out of us just by simply displaying our banner on your site. Our affiliate program will track any people who click our banner (which is displayed on your site) and keep an eye on them to see if they purchase anything from our site. As soon as they do it will recognise it and pay you a commission on the purchase price of that item. We will pay you 6% - 8% commission on any items purchased. Our order value is between £50 - £100 on average so you will get between £3 and £4 for a £50 order, for every order you send us. Not bad for doing nothing, so what are you waiting for !
Its easy to start making money from your web site with us. All you need to do is to join our scheme by clicking here and joining our program. You will be required to put some html code on your web site which will display our banner and track potential customers.
If you have any questions then send us an email to and we will do all we can to help.

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