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Following from my blog last week I thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the obstacles that are faced when trying to buy British goods. British made goods do tend to have a higher price associated with them so do they always represent value for money?

When the horse meat scandal hit I admit to feeling a bit smug as for years I had always advocated using a local butcher who could tell you exactly where his meat came from and also the animal!  Well the proof of the pudding is in the eating and in this case I always found the quality of the meat never lacking. Ideally I would like to buy all of my meat from the local butcher but the reality is that I buy for specific meals. For instance if I am going to have friends round for Sunday lunch then I will have a fantastic sirloin joint from my local butchers, not cheap but guaranteed to create a wow factor. However, mid week my dinner will most probably consist of a meal thrown together such as a stir-fry made with chicken purchased from a supermarket and I will not have a clue where the chicken grew up.

At Cast in Style we have tried to reflect this kind of purchasing. For instance does every house in the UK have to have a bespoke post box, made to your specifications with your own house name on and motif. – no it doesn’t. This is because firstly, not everyone wants a bespoke post box with a house name and number, secondly, not everyone can afford it. Instead we try to provide solutions for everyone.

I think with most things there is a time and a place for everything, but ultimately it is ruled by your budget, but also do not forget the saying, I attribute this to my friend Allison, – “Buy Cheap – Buy Twice” – mind you easy for her to say as she shimmies into a room in her new Jimmy Choos, ooh they are gorgeous, maybe next year!

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