Protecting Your Cast Iron This Winter

Cottage Door
Sage Green Cottage Door

Cast iron is an attractive and solid material, which is why it is used on external doors, letterboxes, barbecues and other outside furniture up and down the country.

However, in order to maintain its attractiveness – not to mention usefulness – it’s important to look after your cast iron and protect it from the elements, in order to prevent rust and deterioration. Iron oxidises easily, which is why protecting it is not so much a choice, but an essential aspect of ownership.

So, how do we maintain the beautiful cast iron aspects of our homes and gardens? The following are a few ways to keep your features rust free and attractive, thus extending their life for as long as possible.

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Preparing Your Garden For The Winter

Leaves-With-RakeWhether your garden is more of a hobby or simply a space to relax in the warmer months, it’s important to keep it in good shape all year round to avoid it becoming overgrown. As the winter draws in, you don’t want to be pruning, cleaning or planting when the weather gets bitterly cold and wet; so that’s why it’s important to prepare  for the harsher climates, before they can do damage. Do this sooner rather than later in order to protect the grass, soil, plants and any furniture you have. Here are some easy steps you can take to be fully prepared.

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What does your home look like? Styles and trends in UK Homes

Cast in Style recently conducted an in-depth questionnaire, which hundreds of our fantastic customers took part in. We were able to gather some amazing results (more details of which can be found here), including insightful information about our customers current home styles and trends.

We’re proud to cater to all types of trends, and we have the perfect products for all kinds of styles.

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Chest of Drawers Period Makover

Period Drawers Makeover
Period Makover for Chest of Drawers

Out with the New and in with the Old!

Period styles can really give some character to any home but they are not always affordable or easy to find. We decided to take a modern piece of furniture and simply give it a quick make over by adding some Kirkpatrick drawer pulls to it. We used a 15 year old  set of MFI drawers which are still in good working order. Now MFI have succumbed to the recession but there is plenty of their furniture about. I’m not saying it was the greatest quality of furniture but if it’s still looking OK what’s the harm in adding a few feature to it.  We already have existing Kirkpatrick Daisy Rope handles on our wardrobes so we added them to the drawers to complete the look. They just simple screw onto the draw front covering any holes from the original pull knobs. Read more “Chest of Drawers Period Makover”