Cast in Style Mobile Web Site Launched

Cast in Style Mobile Web Site
New Mobile Web Site Launched April 2014

After weeks of work we are really pleased to launch our brand new Mobile Web Site. We’ve given it a really fresh crisp look to make it look great and easy to use on your phone. It has all the same features as our main web site, and a really easy to use checkout. So now you can have the freedom to see our great range of products when you are out and about, without having to buy a new pair of glasses to see our site on your phone!

We would love to hear what you think of it, so please feel free to tell us.

Happy Mobile Surfing the new on your mobile.

What does your home look like? Styles and trends in UK Homes

Cast in Style recently conducted an in-depth questionnaire, which hundreds of our fantastic customers took part in. We were able to gather some amazing results (more details of which can be found here), including insightful information about our customers current home styles and trends.

We’re proud to cater to all types of trends, and we have the perfect products for all kinds of styles.

Read more “What does your home look like? Styles and trends in UK Homes”

Cast in Style Questionnaire Results

The Results Are In!

Let us begin by saying thank you. An astounding number of you took part in our Cast in Style Customer Questionnaire, which ran from April to July earlier this year.

The results collected allowed us to gather together a wealth of information on what you think of Cast in Style, our product range and our competitors in the online retail industry.

The data we discovered was enlightening, and will be used to help fuel many of our future ideas. It has also given us some great suggestions for how we can make your experience with Cast in Style even more enjoyable.

We appreciate your help, and we wanted to share with your some of the things you have taught us. Read more “Cast in Style Questionnaire Results”


Six lath Kitchen Maid Pulley Clothes Airer
Six lath Kitchen Maid Pulley Clothes Airer

All of us at Cast in Style are passionate about all of our products, but if we had to pick a favourite, yes it would be like having to choose your favourite child and memories of Sophies Choice come to mind, but if you really had to it would unanimously have to be our clothes airer range, the famous Kitchen Maid. Read more “GREEN CLEANING – TOP TEN TIPS”

How to make the best pulled pork in the world

Pulley pork
The best pulled pork

This is just the best thing you can make if you are having a BBQ at the weekend. It needs planning the day before but is really easy to make.

Our pulled pork recipe is probably the best you can make. The pork will be soft and just pull apart so delicately, and the sweet, spicy, sticky sauce will make your mouth water. It was inspired by a fantastic butcher we know in Shropshire, whom took some encouraging to reveal his secret, but here it is… Read more “How to make the best pulled pork in the world”

Cast in Style Supply to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Cast in style supply to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Bell Pull at Willy Wonkas Door

WOW, we’re really proud to have supplied one of our beautiful Bell Pulls to the stage production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just opened in the West End London. It’s being used on the main front door of the Chocolate Factory. You can see it in the picture in the top left corner next to Willy Wonka Himself!!

Get Dad Something Different This Father’s Day

Easter was months ago and Christmas is still half a year away. Father’s day is here; it’s a time when we celebrate the dads who do good, and reward them for doing what they do best. Whilst we should be appreciative of them all the time anyway, it’s nice to occasionally show them how much we care in the form of a gift. Read more “Get Dad Something Different This Father’s Day”