Six lath Kitchen Maid Pulley Clothes Airer
Six lath Kitchen Maid Pulley Clothes Airer

All of us at Cast in Style are passionate about all of our products, but if we had to pick a favourite, yes it would be like having to choose your favourite child and memories of Sophies Choice come to mind, but if you really had to it would unanimously have to be our clothes airer range, the famous Kitchen Maid.

OK, we accept not everyone is convinced, however, be prepared to be converted. Where the Kitchen Maid Clothes Airers come into their element is reducing energy bills as well as reducing carbon footprints. Environmental issues are a real hot topic, we have a list of tips to help you help the environment and having a Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer is a key part to these tips.

1. Use the cool wash option on your washing machine, i.e. maximum temperature of 40C.

2. Always rinse with cold water, soap washes away as effectively in cold water as it does with hot.

3. Soak stains immediately – this will then still allow you to then go on and wash your clothes on a cool wash.

4. Make sure you have a full load, very often a washing machine will use the same amount of water and energy for a full load as compared to one which is only half a load.

5. Alternatively do not overload your washing machine, if you clothes cannot move around freely then they will not be cleaned effectively and you will end up having to rewash your clothes.

6. Use natural detergents and stain removers. Natural detergents tend to give synthetic fragrances and chlorine based bleaches a wide berth.

7. Ditch the tumble dryer – Using a Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer as a direct replacement to your normal tumble dryer can reduce your carbon foot print by 1.5 tonnes a year and save you enough in electricity costs to pay for your new clothes airer in 6 months.

8. If you need to have your towels super fluffy and feel that they are a bit stiff after hanging to dry naturally then just put them in the dryer for 10 minutes whilst they are still slightly damp.

9. When ironing, try and iron damp clothes and then hang them up to dry out. This not only makes ironing easier for those dreaded linen items but also helps reduce ironing time and energy costs.

10. If you need to replace your appliances then choose an energy efficient machine. Ideally you would be looking for one that is given an A rating.

Just remember big changes often result from making a few small changes, by following our tips we can hopefully help you move towards a lifestyle that is not going to cost the earth.


  1. Hi, I have lived in different houses/flats for all my 63 years and have had a clothes airer in all of them. We call it a rack though. I was brought up by grandparents and the rack was used every day by my gran. When I got my first Flat there was a drying room with 6 of them in it. I had to buy my own when I moved to a house. Well worth the money. Another benefit of having a clothes airer is when running late clothes do not usually need ironing so you can use dry fresh clothes straight from it. I have recommended your site to a lot of people and have had plenty of good reports.

  2. Great tips here. I’d thoroughly recommend ditching the tumble dryer for the clothes airer. So much cheaper and better.

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