What Type of Door Handle do I need? Lock, Latch, Euro, Espagnolette? 

Your easy guide to lever door handles.

Lever Door Handles
Stunning lever door handles available in brass, nickel, chrome, bronze, black iron and many more finishes from www.castinstyle.co.uk.

Confused by what type of Lever Door Handle you need? Hopefully, our simple guide below will clear up all that confusion.

Latch Door Handle
A ‘Latch’ type lever door handle.

‘Latch’ type Lever Door Handles are commonly used on interior doors, where no key locking mechanism is needed. The back plate has no keyhole stamped out.  You will need a Tubular Latch mechanism to use with your ‘Latch’ type Door Handles.


Internal Door Handle
A ‘Short Latch’ type of Door Handle.

‘Short Latch’ Door Handles are exactly the same as the Latch type, they just have a shorter back plate.




A ‘Lock’ type of lever door handle.

‘Lock’ type Lever Door Handles are commonly used on exterior doors, they have a ‘normal’ keyhole stamped out on the back plate and will require a 5 Lever Sash Lock mechanism.



A ‘Bathroom’ type lever door handle.

‘Bathroom’ Lever Door Handles have a hole stamped out to accommodate a Bathroom Turn and Release Knob to add privacy.  This Turn and Release Knob comprises of a turn knob, for the inside of the bathroom and an emergency coin turn latch for the outside of the door, ideal if a young child accidentally locks them self in the bathroom. The Turn and Release Knobs are sold separately so you will need to order one of these together with a Bathroom Mortice Lock to complete you Bathroom type Lever Door Handle.

A ‘Euro’ type door handle.

A ‘Euro’ type Door Handle is used on exterior doors when a Euro Cylinder Lock is the preferred choice of locking mechanism.  A Euro Cylinder Lock is a modern style of lock and is more secure than a 5 Lever Sash Lock.  When choosing a Euro type Lever Door Handle, you will also need a Euro Sash Lock Case (locking mechanism that sits inside the door) and a Euro Cylinder Lock (this lock is operated with keys and passes through the Door Handle and the Euro Sash Case to engage the lock).

An ‘Espagnolette’ type lever door handle.

‘Espagnolette’ is a difficult one to pronounce but a fairly straight forward type of Lever Door HandleEspagnolette Door Handles are commonly used on UPVC doors.  This type of Door Handle tends to be unsprung and allows upward movement of the handle to engage a 3 Point Locking System or a Euro Din Sash Case and Euro Cylinder Lock.  If you are using the Euro Din Sash then this will allow you to have a longer backplate on your Door Handles for cosmetic purposes.  They are available in 72mm and 92mm fixing centres.

If you are still unsure of what type of door handle or lock you need, then please call us on our freephone number 0800 009 6233.


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